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You have free 7 days to test the program and to appreciate it advantages! Then you can use it for $99 per month.

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The program finds the best faucets and gathers bitcoins! It doesn’t require to be registered on the web site

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If the program ran into a captcha, it will solve it automatically! 100% automation

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What do we want to suggest you?

We want to give you the opportunity to collect more bitcoins! We work exclusively for our clients therefore we fix the low price on our product – merely $49.99. Buying our product you start to gather all the bitcoins from more than 100 sites per a day. Minimal payment is 0.1 bitcoin. Unlike most of the services we allow users to test our product and to appreciate all it advantages for absolutely free. We are sure that the program will supply all your wants


Bitcoin Bot v 1.07

Earning Rate:

0.0000025 BTC/min

Daily Rate:

0.0036 BTC/day

How does it work?

If you are not experienced in bitcoin gathering, you may have some questions about the mechanism of the program. We have developed the service that analyzes a lot of sites with bonuses as bitcoins and collects them. It works fully automated, i.e without any people’s help. Even if the program ran into the captcha, it solves the problem automatically. If you want to collect more bitcoins, you should only to download the program. It will do all the job for you!


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